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Lou and Jake Croft’s rebellious daughter, Dani, needs a change of scenery (and perspective) and it is time to force Dani out of her East Coast comfort zone. When Lou and Dani embark on their road trip west to a working horse ranch in the majestic Western Slope of Colorado, their end destination isn’t just some random ranch. Rather, it is Echo Ranch and a return to Lou’s past.

Twenty years have passed since Lou has been to Echo Ranch and seen its patriarch, Zack Calhoun. Despite the isolating passage of time, Lou’s memories fuel her decision to take Dani there with the hope of strengthening their relationship in the days ahead.

Dani may be an accomplished equestrian with a fierce love of horses, but her teenage empire is compromised and she is not quite ready to relinquish her anger. Time will tell if Dani is able to survive a summer of digital detox with her mother and whether Echo Ranch is a destiny that is intended for Lou as well. (266 pp.)

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